HD Metal Printing, Dye sublimation process, hi res photography, Thunder Bay Ontario

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(e.g. of dye sublimation prints on aluminum)

Dye sublimation is a method of printing on aluminium. Instead of using a printer to create the image directly on the substrate, the mirrored image is printed with sublimation inks onto transfer paper. The paper is then laid face-down onto the substrate and subjected to 40 psi pressure at 400 F degrees. The colored dyes in the paper sublimate - turn into gas - and are infused into the fibers of the substrate, which expanded with the heat. Once the substrate has cooled and the fibers retracted, the image is trapped permanently within the surface where it will not peel or chip.

Table Easel

Aluminum easel may be used for wall or table top display of panels less than 12" x 8".

Brushed silver easels come with pre-applied adhesive for horizontal or vertical display.

Float Hanger

Float mount hangers are suitable for wall mounted panels less than 12" x 8".

MDF blocks come with pre-applied adhesive and routered keyhole.

Blocks float the panel 0.5" away from wall to cast a shadow effect.

0.75" Inset Frame

0.75" aluminum inset frame also allow for a horizontal or vertical floating mount on the wall.

Most commonly requested for panels 12" x 8" and larger.

Thicker mount casts a greater shadow effect.