• raw footage up to 90 minutes of recorded event time including our own videography

  • continuous recording that follows the entire event, the zone of participation, or the zone around a specific athlete

  • single camera coverage (i.e. no alternate angles of the same play)

  • player locating:  arrow, spotlight, or oval

  • title page, player's bio and stats/award page,

  • coach reference and parental contact page

  • original audio or added music or both (non-copyright music only)

Includes "Bronze Package" content, with the differences noted below . . 

  • ​2 events, each up to 90 minutes of event time (2 hrs including on-site setup time)

  • 2nd camera angle for "best highlight" clips 

  • studio photograph for bio page

  • studio (or location) video interview used as recorded, or split audio for audio overlays

  • insertion of client-provided video clips

  • zoom / slow / pause motion affects

Includes "Silver Package" content, with the differences noted below . . 

  • 3 events, each up to 90 minutes of event time (2 hrs including on-site setup time)

  • photo shoot at an additional event up to 1 hr of image capture or video recording time

  • additional skills, practice or dryland training clips taken by GASP Photographics or submitted by the client

Recruiting Video Package -  details

  • $100 non-refundable deposit is required in advance to schedule the required event(s) for the package selected.

  • Each video takes approximately 3 weeks to produce after all the raw footage, athlete's stats, coach references, parental contact information, accompanying photos and videos, etc have been acquired by GASP Photographics. The Bronze Package is more of a very nice keepsake video, in comparison to the recruiting video calibre of the Silver and Gold Packages.

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages will typically range between 5-8 minutes in length, depending on the package and the number, quality and value of the additional clips taken by GASP Photographics or provided to us by the client.

  • Client shall receive a watermarked copy to review prior to paying. Payment is required prior to receiving the final copy.

  • Videos and images submitted by the client, need to be accompanied by the written authorization to use them, by the videographer or photographer, respectively.

Optional Services if not included in the original package:

  •  ​$75.00 extra per package (for 1 hour of High Resolution photography used as background images to add another level of professionalism (client will also receive their choice of 5 hi res digital images from this shoot!)

  • $75.00 extra per package for 1 hour of High Resolution photography and videography to capture practice drills, skills, dryland and weight training, to further demonstrate an individual's level of commitment and ability.

  • $125.00 extra per package for each additional event (up to 1 hour, on-site recording time) from which additional clips will be extracted to upgrade and lengthen the final video.


15 to 60 second

TV Commercials & Internet Ads

$  call to discuss

An affordable way to reach customers regardless of what form of video interaction they utilize for their entertainment or social media.

8 seconds to 3 minute

Digital Billboard & In-Store Video Ads

$  call to discuss

A great way to introduce new or returning customers to products & services while they're standing in a checkout line, walking through the mall, stuck at a red light, or waiting for their number to be called.

  • Client supplies script or script can be a collaborative effort.

  • Client supplies actors (e.g. employees) for raw video clips as required. 

  • Clips can be with or without audio. 

  • Video inserts can include picture-in-picture, voice-overs, audio overlays including sound effects and non-copyrighted music

  • Complete or partial narrative can be included as text in the video.

  • On-screen graphics can include animated logos, address, contact numbers, hours of operation, and social media access. 

In-Store & TV Commercial Video Packages - details

  • $100 non-refundable deposit is required in advance to secure the time required for taking the photos, videos and voice-overs for the package requested.

  • Price of video package depends on photo and video compilation, duration and complexity of the editing requirements.

  • Package may requires up to 3 hours of on-site photography / videography for higher end videos

  • Regular and after-hours photography and videography may be necessary.

  • Each video may take up to 2 weeks to produce after all the raw video and audio recordings have been acquired.

  • Client will preview a watermarked version of the video for content approval before payment.

  • Client will receive the clean version of video upon payment.

  • Client owns video copyright, although GASP Photographics would love to use it as a demo to attract future clients.

Client will inform GASP Photographics as to what media platform the ad will need to play on, so it can be appropriately rendered to the accepted creative specs, including file size, file format, scan resolution and frame rate.

Client must make their own arrangements  (video airtime scheduling and payment)  with the television broadcaster, web hosting service, electronic billboard service etc.


Call to share your ideas and lets discuss a plan and a price that will make you happy.

We will need to know: 

  • the time, date, location, and activity to be recorded; 

  • how long the activity is;

  • whether the final product requires a single continuous recording or a significantly shortened; version by editing for high lights or specific actions at the event;

  • if more than one camera angle is required;

  • if you need audio extras including voice and music overlays, and

  • if you also require photography to incorporate image slideshows or overlays 

To give you a better idea of what the rate may be, use the following as a guide:

  • $50 non-refundable deposit to schedule the video event. Deposit will not be lost if we are notified of the request to reschedule, with a minimum of 1 month's advance notice.

  • $125 for the first hour on site, $75 for any additional hours we are required on site.

  • Depending on the level of customization required, the video, audio, image and graphical editing components of the project could account for a greater share of the final cost.