GASP.  Well, it’s not only an acronym for Gascoigne’s Action and Sports Photography, but you could also refer to it as an abbreviation and a contraction of sorts, containing the first letters of our surname with the "P" added for photography i.e. Gascoigne’s Photography.


But enough of the references to grammar, GASP is short, it’s bold, and it’s easy to remember. It’s the sound and physical response an athlete experiences after exerting themselves to their fullest extent, and just maybe, it’s the sound you’ll make when you see that perfect photograph.  The term Photographics represents our overall combined interest in photography and graphic design.  GASP Photographics.



What do we do?  Although we have a craving to memorialize those unpredictable moments at sporting events, we would be delighted to capture some wonderful staged or still images for you as well. We provide a versatile service with an attraction to action, but we offer so much more.  


  • High resolution photos of action, sports, special events, or simple moments dear to you.

  • Small studio, or on location portraits of individuals, family, staff, teams or athletes in full gear.

  • How about a thank you poster for your sponsors at the end of the season?

  • Maybe a promotional poster to keep that special person in your life motivated to reach their highest potential?

  • Marketing and promotional material including business cards, post cards, brochures, posters, banners, more.



From the sidelines or at courtside, in the stands, or the middle of the action, to the floor of your business or to the job site. We can capture you from your best angle on location, or in our studio, or we can bring the studio to you. 



Scheduling permitting, we can work night and day, weekdays, weekends, spring, summer, fall and winter.  Rain, snow, or shine.  We prefer the sunshine, but life happens even when conditions aren't always the most favourable, and without the pictures, where’s the proof?



It's hard to look back on your life, if there is nothing to look at. Everyone appreciates being able to relive those special moments, or those activities that we, or our special someone(s) no longer do. Have you ever regretted not having a photo taken of you or your child in the past, to be able to enjoy it later? And if you did, did you wish you had something that was of higher quality?  Sometimes our memories don’t always work without a little help. Why not have the best images possible to bring it all back in glorious detail? That's why we do this.



A photographer cannot sell an image in which you are both the subject of the photograph and are clearly identifiable, without written permission from you (being an adult) or your legal guardian, unless of course the sale of the images are to you, (the subject of the photograph), or to your legal guardian, in which case that written permission would already have been obtained.


Most teams, clubs, organizations and workplaces, require their members to sign a photo release waiver form when they became a member. This can avoid the potential for awkward conversations during a public photoshoot. GASP Photographics will always obtain confirmation of this before entering into an agreement involving Public Sales.


Should a member of your organization decline the signing of a photo release waiver, the photos that were to have been publicly displayed for sale in a public gallery will first need to be vetted, (by means of a private gallery), by a representative of the organization (i.e. coach, manager) who will quickly identify which image numbers GASP Photographics will need to omit.



Not that we ever expect this to be the case, but if for some reason you do not like enough of the guaranteed number of photos that were included in the package you purchased, we will do a second take.*  It's as simple as that. 

* If a second take is requested, digital images from the first take will remain available as additional images, at $15.00 per image.



Watermarks help advertise a photographer’s work, and they indicate the image is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without the photographer’s consent. As per the amended Copyright Act, Bill C-11 in Nov, 2012, the photographer, by default, is the first owner of copyright. The watermark, although not a legal requirement, does continue to serve as a clear notice to anyone wishing to profit from the image, that they may be served with legal action.


Having said that, “would-be” image thieves will find a way to copy an image and remove a watermark anyway, but image thieves beware, if a photographer has the time and inclination, they can find where their stolen images reside on the internet anyway, by utilizing reverse image searches offered by Google, Bing, Pinterest, Image Raider, RevIMG, TinEye, Digimarc and the like.


The watermarked signature rarely adds any dollar value to a photo for you the client, and most often detracts from the viewing pleasure. Ironically, the people that end up having to look at the somewhat annoying things the most, are the ones that actually paid for the photograph in the first place. Well, that’s clearly not fair.


Back in the day, the signature was a necessary advertising tool, when the only way someone was going to see a work of photographic art, was if it was hanging in a gallery, or on the wall of someone's home, or published in a book or magazine. In this day and age, however, with the ease of creating websites and the exposure one can realize in social media posts, the need to include one on the final purchased product has become far less relevant.


Our watermarks will only be seen in two circumstances.  As a method of advertisement on a low resolution photo, when the image is being displayed to attract the interest of future clients, or on the high resolution sample digital photos being made available to the client for review, prior to purchase. 

The bottom line is, GASP Photographics does not "sell" images containing watermarks.

This means, that if you purchase a digital image from GASP Photographics, you can freely arrange for your own personal print, without refusal on the grounds of copyright infringement by a 3rd party print service. The only caveat being that you in turn cannot profit from the sale of either the digital or printed image. Keep in mind, that this also includes anyone who happens to come into possession of one of your high resolution digital or printed images, hence the necessary precautions you need to consider when sharing your images.  

Of course, if you would like to request a watermark on a purchased digital image, we’d be happy to oblige.