displaying those moments

on a platform that

best suits your needs,

whether that be marketing

to an audience of

one , or the world,

in your choice of

print or digital media.

Capturing hi res

photos and videos

of the most important

people and places to you,

and then

displaying those moments

on a platform


best suits your needs,

whether that be marketing to an

audience, of one, or the world,

in your choice of print or digital media.

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Terra Nova Salon & Day Spa

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Serenity Salon & Wellness

Guy Gascoigne is a freelance photographer, videographer and marketing designer in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

GASP Photographics offer high resolution portrait and action photography and videography, to allow the creation of stunning printed and digital material, to both memorialize or promote, yourself or your business. 

We cover a variety of action genres including sports like hockey, soccer, tennis and football, just to name a few.  Check out a few of our sport slideshows to see examples of some of our single photo shoots.


But we're not all about face paced action, we also capture beautiful family photography,  and business photography for our business marketing services. And, we guarantee our results!  You don't love the results?  You don't pay.

There is no better way to preserve a moment than with a high definition photo or video of you at your favourite location, or participating in your most enjoyed activity. 

Contact us and see what you've been missing!

Digital images can be made available to you in either private or public galleries. 

Specialty prints of your cherished photographs can be produced on canvas, hd metal or acrylic.  How about a family calendar, or personalized promotional poster? 

From business cards, to brochures, to banners, contact GASP Photographics today!

Son or daughter in need of a sport recruiting video to equip them with a competitive edge over other students being scouted?  We know what the recruiters are looking for, and how to showcase your child's skills in a video that will actually be seen and be shared. 

Need to promote your business in a short, but striking video?  Let us produce your InStore Video Ad, or Digital Billboard Ad to get people talking about you. We'll make sure the format fits whatever media you require.  Maybe you'd rather display it in a social media post, or Ad?  Let's bounce a few ideas around and make it happen.

Serving clients in Thunder Bay, and the surrounding region, and beyond! 

Have an out-of-town job ?  No problem.  Call us to discuss the details.

Except for the images found in your own private gallery, (or an agreed-upon, public gallery), no photos or videos displayed on this website are for sale.

They are here to provide examples of our work (albeit a lower resolution version of it), both in the variety of genres we capture, and the quality of work you can expect to receive.

We invite you to explore our site further, and contact us to discuss how we can memorialize your special moment.