Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Do I need to give you a deposit to secure your services?

Typically yes, a small deposit is required.  Teams* will pay a bit larger deposit for a greater number of subjects to be photographed. See the photo packages page.  As an alternative, if an agreement with a team is reached, in which GASP Photographics has been declared the official photographer, and photographs of multiple events may be necessary, no deposit is required. In fact, it's actually quite the opposite. A percentage of "public sales" of the player's or member's photos are given to the club under sponsorship, to help offset their future promotional and developmental costs. 

(*may include clubs, schools, organizations)


2)  How do I receive the photos or videos after the shoot? 

GASP Photographics will provide the Client (you or the team manager) with a private link to the watermarked images, from which the Client will specify the images they would like in digital and/or printed format, as per the package initially requested by them, as well as additional images per their request. See our print pricing page.  Videos will also be watermarked for the Client to review prior to paying.  A second private link to the non-watermarked digital files, will be sent to the Client upon receiving full payment, as well as an invoice marked paid.


3)  How many people will receive the private link to access my hi res photos? 

GASP Photographics will only ever send the private link of both the watermarked images prior to purchase selection, and non-watermarked images following full package payment, to the Designated Client, using the email address provided at the time of the deposit. The Designated Client, (e.g. team manager) would then be responsible for sharing the links described above, with the team members or their parents.


4)  I shared the private link I was sent, with someone by mistake. Now what? 

If you are the Designated Client (i.e. the individual responsible for contracting our services), contact us and we will deactivate the existing link and send you a new one. You'll need to share the new link with anyone you had previously sent one to.  If you are not the Designated Client then contact them and they will need to contact us to request a new link. To avoid this, only attach single images you obtained from your downloads, in your correspondence with others, do not attach the link.


5)  Can I elect to buy additional images and specialty prints at a later date? 

Yes, the Client may purchase additional digital image files at any time after the initial order has been paid in full. The cost will be based on the "additional photos" cost (and additional editing cost if requested) of the current pricing scheme for the package that was originally purchased. Speciality Prints may also be purchased at a later date. Fine Art prints may also be purchased at a later date if they were offered in the initial package. Prices may be subject to a higher premium than the initial order.


6)  Do your prices include photo editing? 

GASP Photographics will include, upon request, and in the price of the initially agreed upon package. This may include blemish and small tattoo removal, scar or other permanent mark reduction, as well as teeth and eye brightening on only those photos selected as part of the initial package. Additional photos and photo editing will be subject to additional and separate costs.


7)  Is it true that you can you take my picture without my permission?

Yes, but not always. If the photographer is on public property, and you are on public property, then, the photographer may take your picture. If the photographer is on public property and you are on private property, in such a location that it would be a reasonable expectation that your activity was never intended to have an audience, then no.  If the photographer is attending an event you are publicly participating in or are a spectator at, then it is possible you may appear in a photograph, unless it is clearly communicated, by the event organizers, that photography and videography is not permitted.


8)  Can you distribute or make publicly available, my picture without my permission?

Assuming we have adhered to the previous rule of ethics described in 7),  then yes, but, the photo can only be used for journalistic, educational, or artistic purposes. It cannot be sold, unless we abide by the terms described in 9) below.


9)  If you have taken my picture, can you then sell it without my permission?

No. If you are both the primary subject of the photograph, and you are clearly identifiable, then we require your written permission to sell the photo. This deters us from selling the photo to anyone other than you, our client. An exception to this, is if you belong to an organization, club or team, and the manager, your parent, or your legal guardian responsible for looking out for your best interests,  provides us with written permission on your behalf. This is the reason why most organizations require their members, or their members' legal guardians to sign a photo release and waiver upon joining. (see Waiver under "W's")


10)  Will my photo or video ever appear on your website? 

GASP Photographics will often request your permission to display your photo or video on our website, either in a small (not for sale) gallery, or appearing as a colour-screened background image, if it represents a genre we have not previously displayed here, or to simply renew our content.  We remain very appreciative to every individual who continues to allow us to do this because it helps us to illustrate the variety and quality of our images.  If at any time, a person no longer wants their photos or videos displayed, they can simply send us their request, and we will have it removed as soon as possible, with our gratitude for the time it was used. 


11)  Can someone copy my photo from your website and use it elsewhere? 

GASP Photographics is the author and copyright owner of each photo or video created. Copying and using any photos or videos from this site would be an infringement of our copyright. The right click and copy method has therefore been blocked, but there are unethical individuals who will use some other screen capture method to obtain an image if they put their mind to it.  Because of this, the image size displayed has been limited to a fraction of the original hi res image provided to you the Client. If this remains a concern to you, then it is likely you will not allow us to use your images on our site. 


12)  Can I send you my own digital image file and request a specialty print? 

GASP Photographics will provide you with a print on Canvas, HD Metal, or Acrylic, as long as the photograph was taken by us under an agreement arranged through our website, with you, or by someone responsible for representing your interests or the group that you belong to. Although we may not be equipped to produce our own specialty print items, we have done our homework and, through volume, Canadian purchasing, have been able to secure these services, ensuring the best quality at the lowest prices across the entire specialty print product line, and still manage to keep a little bit for ourselves.  Check out our print pricing page.


13)  Do you offer a fine arts print service? 

GASP Photographics presently only offers 8" x 10",  8" x 12", and 11" x 14" low lustre or high gloss fine art prints when purchased as part of our Team Public Sales package. We are not in the printing service per say, so if we are unable to procure the best quality product at extremely competitive prices from our suppliers, then we'd rather not pretend we can at your expense. Should that change, we will be sure to let you know. 


14)  Do you offer fine arts prints and larger posters for graphical design jobs? 

Yes, call us to discuss the work you have in mind, the size, what type of material you would like it printed on, and how you would like to display the finished product, and we will work out a price for you. As mentioned above, images will need to be taken by us, as per one of the digital photo packages.


15)  Can I take full control over a website you have designed for me? 

You sure can. And, you can either let us know up front, or after your site is up and running. You can have as much or as little editing and publishing involvement as you like.  The domain and site ownership can be transferred into your name, and we can remain on as a contributor, or you can go it alone. If you change your mind later, you can always invite us to become a contributor again.