Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Do I need to give you a deposit to secure your services?

Yes, a deposit of $50 is required by individuals or $75 or $150 for teams/clubs of various participant numbers.  See our photography and client terms pages.


2)  How do I receive the photos after the shoot? 

GASP Photographics will provide the Client (you, if it is an individual player photoshoot) or the team manager (if it is a team photoshoot) with a private link to the watermarked images, from which you will then specify the images (by #) you want to purchase. For a team photoshoot, the Designated Client (typically the team manager) will forward the email they receive from us, to the players' parents. The parents will then specify the images to us directly as described above.  Once full payment has been received, a private link, to the corner-watermarked, digital files, will then be sent to the Client. The Client will also receive an individual invoice pdf document, marked paid. 


3)  How many people will receive the private link to access my hi res photos? 

For an individual shoot, GASP Photographics will only ever send the private link of the watermarked images prior to purchase selection, to a single person. For a team photoshoot, the manager will receive the watermarked images link from us, and will then be responsible for sharing that link, with all the team members (18 or older) or their parents. All team members would be able to see all the other team members' watermarked images, but, only the parents of the individual team members would be given access to the corner-watermarked, higher-resolution images of their own child, following the payment of their order. This both minimizes the involvement by the coach/manager, and better ensures more privacy to the higher resolution, corner-watermarked images.


4)  I shared the private link I was sent, with someone by mistake. Now what? 

If you are concerned that someone may have been given access to the high resolution, corner-watermarked images of your child, just call or send us an email. We will deactivate that link and provide you with another one. To avoid this, only attach images you downloaded from us, in your correspondence with others. Do not attach the link itself.


5)  Can I elect to buy additional images at a later date? 

Yes, the Client may purchase additional digital image files at any time after the initial order has been paid in full, however, prices will be based on the quantity discount structure you were originally offered. Individual photo shoots provide the best opportunity for even greater quantity discounts.


6)  Do your prices include photo editing? 

We will include basic editing, in the price of the initially agreed upon package. Additional photo editing (e.g. if you plan to get a larger print) will be subject to an additional cost.


7)  Can a photographer take my picture at an event without my permission?

Yes, but not always. If the photographer is on public property, and you are on public property, then any photographer may take your picture. If the photographer is on public property and you are on private property, in such a location that it would be a reasonable expectation that your activity was never intended to have an audience, then no.  


If the photographer is attending an event you are publicly participating in, or are a spectator at, then it is possible you may be captured in a photograph, but unless you are the subject of the photo, you'll likely be out of focus and in the background. 


Public facilities are rented by private organizations, but, unless it is clearly communicated, by the property owners, or event organizers, that photography is not permitted (usually stated on ticket stubs or posted on signs) then photographers are considered welcome, which is the reason why many organizations have their members or players sign a photo release waiver at the start of each season. 


8)  Can a photographer publicly display my picture without my permission?

Assuming they have adhered to the previous rule of ethics described in 7),  then yes, but, the photo can only be used for journalistic, educational, or artistic purposes. It cannot be sold, unless the photographer abides by the terms described in 9) below.  


GASP Photographics takes reasonable care to NOT display images without permission of the subject, their guardians, or the manager representing the best interest of the subject(s). The exception to this may happen in the instance of where multiple individuals have been captured in a particular moment in proximity to the subject of the image.  See 10)  below.


9)  Can a photographer sell a picture of me without my permission?

NO. If you are both the primary subject of the photograph, and you are clearly identifiable in it, then a photographer requires your written permission to sell the photo. This deters the photographer from selling the photo to anyone other than you, the Client. An exception to this, is if you belong to an organization, club or team, and the manager, your parent, or your legal guardian responsible for looking out for your best interests,  provides us with written permission on your behalf.


(see Waiver under the menu tab named "W's") 

Similarly, the Client is also NOT permitted to sell an image we have taken without our written permission.  And, if you share a digital image we took, with an organization that wishes to publish it as part of an article in a printed or online service, we would certainly appreciate you informing the organization that GASP Photographics is the author and copyright holder of the image, so that we may receive the required photo credit.   


10)  Will my photo ever appear on your website? 

We will often request your permission to display your photo or video on our website, either in a public (not for sale) gallery or slideshow, or appearing as a colour-screened background image, or even our homepage, if it represents a genre we have not previously displayed here, or to simply renew our content.  Your Organization's Executive, or Team Manager, may also provide this permission on your behalf. We remain very appreciative to every individual who continues to allow us to do this because it helps us to illustrate the variety and quality of our images.  If at any time, a person no longer wants their photos displayed, they can simply send us their request, and we will either have the photo removed (or the person of interest masked out) as soon as possible, along with our gratitude for the time it was used. 


11)  Can someone copy my photo from your website and use it elsewhere? 

GASP Photographics is the author and copyright owner of each photo taken. Copying and using any photos from this site would be an infringement of our copyright. The right click and copy method has therefore been blocked, but there are some individuals who are not supportive of the photography industry, who will use some other screen capture method to obtain an image, or attempt to remove the watermark, if they put their mind to it.  Because of this, the image size displayed has been either limited to a fraction of the original image resolution provided to you the Client, or it has been heavily watermarked. If this remains a concern, then it is likely you won't allow us to use your image on our site. 


12)  Do you offer a fine arts print service? 

GASP Photographics is not in the photo printing service per say, rather we specialize in providing our Clients with the digital file so they may repeatedly share or pursue their own specific printing requests from local photo labs or photo kiosks of their choosing.  We find this is the preferred method by Clients, rather than paying processing fees to us each time a new print is requested. Having said that, we will consider offering prints, if the organization is committed to purchasing a minimum quantity, and agrees to submitting their orders shortly after the on-line images are made available for viewing. We do offer prints as part of our Posters package.


One thing to note is that most photo labs will not manually process an image that contains a watermark, even an inconspicuous corner watermark, unless you agree to their terms, confirming you have obtained permission from the copyright holder.  This is usually as simple as checking an agreement box at their kiosk, prior to choosing your images to print.


We are not so concerned with printing our images as a 4x6, 5x7 or even an 8x10 (all kiosk sizes), but any larger and we would suggest you contact us to confirm the image is of adequate resolution to print as a large format print, that the file is in the correct colour mode and file type to be compatible with most large format printer's specifications.  This also allows us to remove any flaws that may now be obvious in a large print, as well as ensure the aspect ratio matches the print size for which you may have purchased a frame. It also gives you the option to have us remove the corner watermark.