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photo package pricing

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( all photo packages are subject to HST )

GASP Sports offer digital packages at a price based on your event's specific requirements. Here are a handful of questions we will need to know in order to provide you with a quote.

  • Where, when and what is your event?

  • Will we be photographing one person or multiple subjects?

  • Will you require action shots, posed portraits, or both?

  • How long will you require us to be on site?

  • Will you require high resolution digital images or prints, or both?

Once we have a good idea of what your event requires and our quote is accepted, we will require you to confirm that the coach, manager or event organizer (where applicable) has been advised that a photographer will be on site for the scheduled photoshoot. This is a courtesy "headsup" should the coach or manager later be questioned by a parent or another attendee at the event, or if the event organizer or team/club manager would like to inform the parents, in advance, that there will be a photoshoot taking place involving one, some, or all of the participating members.

Digital image selection is provided by means of a private gallery which allows you, the client(s), to view the photos online.  These images contain an initial, centre watermark overlay. Purchased images will be of a higher quality, and will contain only a small corner watermark, which can be removed for an extra fee.  

 ACTION - Single Subject 

Our most popular photoshoot package involves a local event requiring photos taken of a single subject participating in an event lasting about 1 hour. This type of package involves a non-refundable prepayment, / booking fee of $100 to secure the booking. 


The $100 fee includes our travel time, setup, tear-down and editing of 5 high quality, digital images of your choice (min 3000px by 2000px). This works out to $20 per image, for the first 5 images selected. 


You will make your selection from a private gallery of medium quality images. The gallery will contain approximately 30-50 images for the review process. You will need to confirm the Gallery # and the image #'s at the time of your purchase request.
HST will apply to the booking fee, and any additional photos purchased at $5.00 each. 
Example purchase:  You request 12 photos
$100 for the 1st 5 and $35 (7 x $5)  for the next 7, for a total of  $135 plus HST.

The corner watermark, may be omitted, by request, from the specified image, for an additional $5 per image.

 ACTION - Team Photoshoot 


When we are contacted by the manager or coach (i.e. the designated client) they will make the photoshoot request on behalf of the team.  The designated client will provide us with the team/club roster, and will later share our email, including the private gallery link we provide (for review of the team images), with the parents of the team/club members, or the participating adult members. A non-refundable Prepayment / Booking Fee of $200 (single payment which, in this package, includes HST) is required in advance.  These are the only tasks required by the manager of the Team / Club / Organization. The rest is up to the parents of those participating in the event, or the participating adult members.


The parents, or adult members will then contact us directly, and submit to us via email, the Gallery # and the image #'s they have chosen.  Digital images will be a flat $12.00 per image, plus HST, regardless of how many images are ordered.  Following receipt of their payment via  eTransfer to . . digital images will then be sent to each parent or adult members directly, along with a receipt, as per their order.

NOTE:  The number of quality photos we can capture of each subject, is directly related to the number of subjects being photographed.  The more subjects participating, the less number of images, of each subject, will be available to review.


Also, our ability to capture each subject is directly related to the amount of participation time the subject has in the competition, and, capturing an image with the WOW factor, depends upon the intensity level of the subject's engagement with the activity, during the time they are participating.  Good timing and a bit of luck never hurts!

Contact us with a description of your venue, and for a quote on your particular requirements.

 TOURNAMENT PLAY - multiple teams - multiple days

If multiple subjects are involved at the same venue (or multiple teams at the same tournament) and they are participating in multiple competitions over a number of days, please contact us well in advance to confirm our availability, and to discuss such items as :


  • our fees based on hourly/daily rates,

  • the general content to be photographed, (i.e. opening ceremony, competition action including candids, team and umpire photos, award presentations, closing ceremony etc)

  • the time expectations to complete basic editing, aspect ratio and minimum pixel dimension editing, and to provide the edited digital image files to the event organizer,

  • the preferred method of providing the digital image files to the event organizer (i.e. flash card, local wifi, internet file transfer), 

  • the time allotment between competitions to be photographed,

  • weather delay compensation, or game/competition cancellation fee.

Late Requests for Images

Digital images may be requested from your private gallery at the quoted price, for a period of 3 months after the event. After 3 months, images will be subject to a 15% increase in price. Images will remain available for viewing up to 6 months after the event. After 6 months, images may no longer be available for purchase. 

Late Requests



If you cancel the photoshoot 3 weeks or longer prior to the event, the prepayment / booking fee will be refunded in full.


If the photoshoot is cancelled less than 3 weeks prior to the date of the event, the prepayment is non-refundableunless another event (that will take place within 3 months of the original photoshoot date) is immediately rescheduled on a date that is mutually acceptable to both parties. In this case, the prepayment will be held and honored toward the rescheduled date.  Two consecutive cancellations, will result in a complete forfeiture of the prepayment, in which case, the payment of an additional non-refundable prepayment / booking fee will be required to schedule a future event.

In the event "we" have to cancel a photoshoot less than 3 weeks prior to the event, your prepayment will be fully refunded and you will receive a 50% discount off the price of a rescheduled event, or a mutually acceptable level of cancellation compensation, negotiated during the contract procurement process.

Digital images may be cropped (1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x3, 3x2, 4x5, 5x4, 16x9 aspect ratios) to better compose the subject of focus in the original image captured. Other ratios may be requested, assuming the raw photo can accommodate such a request.

Unfortunately we have very little time to engage in conversations with the public at an event when we are in the middle of a photoshoot. We will be happy to provide you with our business card, should you have any questions or wish to arrange for your own photoshoot with us at a later date.

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