digital photo packages 


( all photo packages are subject to HST )

GASP Sports offers digital packages at a price to be negotiated by each client. Prices are based on the action and sporting event requirements.  We will take into consideration the number of subjects to be photographed, the estimated number of photographs needed per subject, the time we will be on site, the location of the event, the setup preparation time, and the manner in which the images will be displayed and distributed. 

Digital image selection is provided by means of a private gallery which the clients(s) can view on line.  Purchased images contain a small corner watermark, which can be omitted for an additional $5 per image, or an agreement to allow us to include your images on our website when we periodically update our content. See our FAQ page.

Typically, scheduling a photoshoot involves a non-refundable deposit or booking fee of $50 to secure the booking for capturing images of an individual, $75 deposit if the package involves up to 10 subjects to be photographed, and $150 for greater than 10 subjects.


Digital image prices are in addition to the deposit. Purchased images are $10 each for the first 5 unique images per subject, and $5 for each additional unique image per subject purchased in excess of 5 images per subject. 

Example 1:  If you are booking a photoshoot of an individual person, and upon viewing your private gallery, choose 7 images to purchase, the price will include the initial $50 deposit or booking fee (deposit includes the HST amount), an additional $50 for the first 5 images, an additional $10 for the next 2 images, and an additional $7.80 HST for the images for a subtotal of $67.80 and a grand total of $117.80 incl the initial deposit.

Example 2:  If you are booking a team or club photoshoot (greater than 10 subjects to be photographed)  the designated client (manager or coach) will make an initial $150 deposit or booking fee (deposit includes the HST amount) The manager or coach will then share the link to the private team gallery that we provide them, with the parents of the team members or, with members 18 yrs old or older.  The parents, or adult members will then contact us directly, and submit their requests to purchase the image #'s they have chosen.  Digital images will be sent to these parents or adult members directly, following receipt of their  eTransfer  payment to . .

See the Client Terms page for more information.


Digital images may be cropped (1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x3, 3x2, 4x5, 5x4, 16x9 aspect ratios) to better compose the subject of focus in the image.