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Welcome to the GASP Photographics / GASP Sports website. 

Hi, my name is Guy Gascoigne, and I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer.  I began pursuing sports photography a few years ago, not only because of an interest in sports of course, but because of the challenge involved with clearly capturing an exciting, possibly pivotal moment in a passion filled contest, or the execution of an impressive physical feat. And, to be able to produce these same results indoors where poor lighting has ruined the chances of a winning shot in the past, for many a person wielding a camera.  But most importantly, to capture that stellar moment, and preserve that spectacular memory for you, forever. 

We are a local photography and graphic design service, filling a relative void of easily-accessible, and affordable services that involve capturing a wide variety of action and sporting activities in Thunder Bay and surrounding area.

We can freeze fast paced action in stunning detail, well beyond the technical reach of high end cell phones and even the pricier mid range DSLRs with their mid range lenses, despite the advances in those and other digital devices. None can produce comparable results, especially with regard to photographing a moving target. The amazing autofocus, shutter speeds at low light, advanced high resolution image sensors, image stabilization, dynamic range, noise reduction, and post editing application capabilities of high end DSLRS, and even a few user tricks we've learned along the way, allows the images we capture to surely make you gasp!

Don't let the opportunity to memorialize that special event slip away or not be captured at the calibre you would have liked. Kids grow up and move on from their sports, or move away.  You stop participating in the activities you loved so much. Don't take one more photo of your feet, or out-of-focus shot of that special someone. Let us worry about getting it just right, and leave you with the only decision you have to make. That is deciding between sitting back, or jumping up and down, while taking in that long anticipated competition, or participating in it yourself. 

Contact us today to arrange a time, a place, and a photo package that suits your specific action or sporting needs.

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