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Hi, my name is Guy Gascoigne.  Welcome to the GASP Photographics website. 

I am a freelance photographer and marketing designer.  I began pursuing sports photography a few years ago, not only because of an interest in sports of course, but because of the challenge involved with clearly capturing an exciting, possibly pivotal moment in a passion filled contest, or the execution of an impressive physical feat. And, to be able to produce these same results indoors where poor lighting has ruined the chances of a winning shot in the past, for many a person wielding a camera.  But most importantly, I don't want you to miss capturing that  stellar moment, and live with the regret of a few fading memories. I've been there.

We are a local photography and graphic design service, catering to the needs of individuals, groups and businesses. We're filling a relative void of easily-accessible, and affordable services that involve a wide variety of photographic genres in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area, including family photography, and business photography and marketing. In other words, we're more than just sports.

Despite the evolution of digital handheld camcorders, point and shoot cameras, introductory DSLR’s, and even more recent mobile devices, none of these compare in quality, (especially regarding action and sports photography) to the results achieved when using the high-end DSLRs of today, with their amazing autofocus and shutter speeds at low light, their advanced high resolution image sensors, image stabilization, dynamic range, noise reduction, depth of field, post editing etc.

This fast, hi-res equipment is more expensive than the average shutterbug wants to spend, and it involves a greater learning curve to master. How many of you have tried capturing that special moment only to find out, upon playback, that you were actually watching, instead of taking pictures? Or got a really nice, out-of-focus shot of your own feet or only a piece of the subject?  And what if you wanted to take a photo of yourself and your significant others, when you’re all participating? It is pretty hard to do that with a selfie stick, a GoPro or even an autonomous drone. You keep meaning to take the photos, but both the time and opportunities seem to slip away.

GASP Photographics would like to relieve you of the pricey equipment, the learning curve, and the good possibility of still having your emotions spoil the results. You will be better able to focus as a spectator or participant, while letting us take care of working the camera. All you will need to do afterwards is sit back and re-live the moment over and over again, at any occasion, in a spectacular slideshow.  Contact us today to arrange a time, a place, and a photo package that suits your specific family, business or sporting needs.