Archival Grade Canvas prints, Thunder Bay Photography

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(e.g. of printing, laminating, stretching an image wrap)

Interested in a stunning piece of gallery wrapped wall art? Created using 380 gsm, cotton blend, archival grade canvas and ink technology, with beautifully folded corners, these prints are UV laminated in a matte or low gloss finish ensuring scratch resistance and easy cleaning. Professionally stretched around 1.75" Canadian wood, all prints come ready to hang.

Image Wrap

By wrapping the image around the edge of the stretcher frame, the presentation allows viewing from both sides as well as from the top and bottom. 

This choice is often used with small or medium canvases where there is extra image available in your photo to wrap around the edges. 

Museum Wrap

The museum method allows the entire image to remain on the front surface of the stretcher frame with a solid colour wrap around the edge of the frame.


A nice choice if an important component of the image lies along the edges, or you want to border the image with a custom colour found within it.

Mirror Wrap

By mirroring the image along the edges, you get to maximize your image content on the front surface, while providing a viewable reflection to rollover the edges of the frame on all sides.